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Activating on a website

For Citrix Gateway activation click here 

Installing Serenity

Using your VeroCard to log into websites with the “Login with VeroCard” button.

  1. To use VeroCard to log into VeroGuarded websites you will need to use a compatible browser with a Serenity connector built in. Currently supported browsers are the latest versions of Chrome and Edge. If you do not currently use either of these browsers, you will need to download and install one of your choice

  2. If you currently use one of these – we recommend that you make sure it is updated to the latest version

Please note:

  • Before you complete your VeroCard activation you can still access the website by entering your username and password as normal

  • Once you have successfully completed a VeroCard login to any website, all logins from this point forward must be via the VeroCard. You will no longer have a password!

Activating my VeroCard

Before you begin this process, please make sure:

  • You have the latest version of Chrome or Edge installed on your device

  • Your device has Bluetooth turned on (if your device does not have Bluetooth, you need to install a Bluetooth adapter)

  • You have a live internet connection


1. Open a Chrome or Edge browser on your device and navigate to your nominated VeroGuarded website

2. Turn on your VeroCard by pressing the button on the top left-hand edge of the card


3. Wait for the VeroCard to complete its boot up process (takes only a few seconds). When ready it will display its VeroCard number and the text “Ready for Activation”

Ready for activation.jpg


4. On the website click the “Login with VeroCard” button - There is no need to enter an email address or any other data (you may need to click to a general Login Screen first)

Login page for Oauth.png

5. The browser will now load a dialog box showing the Bluetooth/BLE connections and any available VeroCards to try to pair with. If multiple cards are available, they will also be listed. If you have previously paired a card with the browser then the list will show as “1000000000000017 - Paired”

Wants to pair.jpg


6. Click on the card you want to pair with, so that it is highlighted, and the “Pair” button will turn blue. Click “Pair”. This is the same regardless of whether you have paired previously

7. The VeroCard will now connect to the device via Bluetooth, and you will see the Bluetooth icon appear on the VeroCard

Ready for activation BT.jpg


8. Login with VeroCard button in the web login application will now change to “Activate VeroCard”. Click the “Activate VeroCard” button which will launch the Pairing Process a second time. Repeat steps 5 and 6 above


9. The VeroCard will display “Activating”



10. If the VeroCard software requires an update, this will be downloaded and installed first. During the process both the VeroCard and website will display progress messages. It is important to keep your device or laptop active whilst this is happening to allow the VeroCard to use the device’s internet connection. Once completed the VeroCard will restart and return to the Ready for Activation screen


11. Reconnect to the VeroCard if required (repeat step 4 and 5)


12. The VeroCard will now prompt you to enter your PIN


13. Enter your PIN, using a minimum of 4 digits and press the “Green Tick”. Enter your PIN. You will be asked to enter your PIN twice to make sure you type it in correctly. The PIN length can be 4 to 12 digits (ISO 9564), however we recommend at least a 6-digit PIN. VeroGuard advises you read our article “A better PIN” and then select a PIN you can remember which is not easily guessed

Set initial PIN.jpg


14. The VeroCard will restart to normal operation mode and display “Ready to Vero”

Ready to Vero.jpg


15. Your VeroCard is now ready to use for login. For instructions go to:


Logging into a website using a VeroCard

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