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Getting Started

Getting your new VeroCard set up and working on any device takes only a few minutes. To help you get up and going quickly, simply follow the steps below.


VeroGuard can be used across multiple environments so it’s important that you understand which one(s) you will be using so you can follow the right instructions. Getting your VeroCard set up involves a one-time process to activate your VeroCard where you set your secret PIN.  Your PIN and VeroCard will then replace passwords wherever your device and or accounts have been enabled.

Current Supported Environments

  1. Logging on to your work PC

  • Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory

   2. Logging in to websites secured by Vero

To help you get up and going quickly, please identify your use case and then follow the appropriate steps below. Please check with your IT team or read our AD or AAD article if unsure.


Note: Activation requires a live internet connection.

The VeroCard

Thank you for choosing VeroCard. It's time to link your VeroCard, identity and PIN for the most secure verification experience available online. The VeroCard is completely wireless and connects to any device via Bluetooth BLE. If your device does not support BLE we have included an adaptor in the box for you.


To set up the VeroCard follow 3 simple steps:


  1. Open the box

  2. Charging your VeroCard

  3. Activate your VeroCard

  4. Logging in with VeroCard

Open the box
1. Unboxing the VeroCard

After removing the plastic wrapping, inspect to make sure the sealing stickers have not been broken or tampered with. If the box has clearly been tampered with contact VeroGuard support at immediately. Cut or peel the seals and open the box by sliding the top section up and off the bottom section.


In the box you will find all you need to start and run your VeroCard for the best online protection available.

Package Contents

1 x VeroCard

1 x Bluetooth USB dongle

1 x USB cable

1 x User Guide

1 x Wireless charger

1 x USB powerpack (110-240 VAC)

Vero Packaging.jpg
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2. Charging

VeroCards are shipped with a partially charged battery but it is still a good idea to charge the VeroCard fully before using.


Plug the USB cable into the USB powerpack. You can now connect your powerpack to any mains power socket (110-240 VAC). When you switch the power on, a red LED light will illuminate on the top left of the charger, which indicates it is on standby and ready to charge your VeroCard. Simply place the VeroCard on top of the dock to charge it. The LED on the charger will turn blue indicating that the VeroCard is being charged. The VeroCard will also turn on during this process.


The VeroCard battery is designed to last for weeks without needing a recharge, even for regular users, however we recommend regular charging when convenient to keep your VeroCard ready for action.

Activate your VeroCard
3. Activate your VeroCard

Once you or your administrator has configured your device and/or account has been configured for logging in with VeroGuard, your login experience will change from entering your password via your device’s keyboard, to entering a PIN on your VeroCard. This process secures your account credentials by removing passwords from this interaction and  ensuring access can only be granted with the correct combination of your username, your VeroCard  and your secret PIN. 

Setting up your VeroCard for the first time involves:

  1. Installing Serenity, VeroGuard's secure communications interface between VeroCards and user devices.

  2. Activating the VeroCard - setting your secret PIN and linking your identity to the VeroCard. 


The version of Serenity and the required activation steps will vary depending on how and where you will be using your VeroCard:

Activate on a Website
Activate on my work PC
4. Logging in with VeroCard

Once activation is complete you can access any enabled services with your VeroCard and PIN. First time log in must be completed on domain/online.



How you log in will vary depending on how and where you will be using your VeroCard:

Work PC Icon.jpg
Website Icon.jpg
Logging in
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