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Logging into an AD On-premises Network PC

It’s very common for PC’s to be left logged in, so that when a person returns to use the device, they simply wake it up and their account only needs to have the password entered. With a VeroCard the process is very similar – except you enter your PIN each time:

  1. Turn on/wake up your Windows 10 device as normal and wait for your screen to display the logged in account. Your VeroCard number or nickname (VeroGuard will automatically assign a nickname to your VeroCard after your first log in) will also be displayed in the Card Selection Box. If more than one VeroCard can be seen, you can use the dropdown box to select your VeroCard

  2. Turn on your VeroCard by pressing the power button on the top left-hand edge of the VeroCard

  3. Wait for the VeroCard to complete its boot up process (takes only a few seconds). When ready, it will display “Ready to Vero”

  4. Press “Enter” or click the arrow on the PC, and the VeroCard will connect to the PC and display the prompt to “Enter PIN”

  5. Enter your PIN via the keypad on the VeroCard when prompted and then click the Enter or “green tick” key


If correct the VeroCard will display “Success”, the PC screen will update to “Welcome” as it logs you in.

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