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Getting Started > Logging in on my work PC > Azure Active Directory User Win10

Login to your Azure AD connect network Device Win10

1. Power up, log out of your device or return to the lock screen (WIN+L).

2. On the screen select “Sign-in Options” or if already displayed click the “FIDO security key” icon, and the message will change to request you to “Turn on your Bluetooth security key or insert it into the USB port”

VG Azure log in screen.png

3. Turn on your VeroCard and once connected it will display available accounts


4. Select your account

  • If multiple accounts exist, select the account you want to login with using up/down keys (8/0), and then click the green “tick” key to select

  • The VeroCard will connect to the PC and display the prompt to “Enter PIN”

  • Enter your PIN via the keypad on the VeroCard and then click the “green tick” key

  • If correct the VeroCard will display “Success”, the PC screen will update to “Welcome” as it logs you in

VeroCard Fido2 logon.jpg




Once a user has completed an online login, the same login process can be used when offline

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