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Logging into Citrix Gateway using a VeroCard

Before you can login you must have completed Activating VeroCard on Citrix Gateway.

1. Open a Chrome or Edge browser on your device and navigate to your normal Citrix Gateway login page


2. Turn on your VeroCard by pressing the button on the top left-hand edge of the card

3. Wait for the VeroCard to complete its boot up process (takes only a few seconds). When ready it will display “Ready to Vero”

4. On the Citrix Gateway page enter your username as you normally do and then click the “Login with VeroCard” button

5. The browser will now load a dialog box showing the Bluetooth/BLE connections and any available VeroCards to try to pair with. If multiple cards are available, they will also be listed. If you have previously paired a card with the browser then the list will show as “1000000000000017 - Paired”

6. Click on the card you want to pair with, so that it is highlighted, and the “Pair” button will turn blue. Click “Pair”

7. Enter your PIN via the keypad on the VeroCard when prompted and then click the Enter or “green tick” key

8. If your PIN and username are verified the card will display “Success”, and the website will log you in

Citrix pairing screen.png
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