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Identification documents

When you collect your VeroCard from a Post Office, your identity will be verified by presenting Proof of Identity documents to pass a 100-point identity check.  You will require 2 Primary documents, or 1 Primary and 1 Secondary. Primary documents must have a photograph of the document holder. Valid documents are:


Primary Documents:

  • Australian Passport

  • International Passport

  • Australian Photo Driver Licence

  • Australian Learner’s Permit

  • Australian Photo Firearms Licence

  • Proof of Age Card

  • NSW Photo Card

Secondary Documents:

  • Full Birth Certificate / Card

  • Department of Veterans Affairs Card

  • Centrelink Card

  • Medicare Card

  • Council Rate Notice

  • Telephone Account

  • Utility Bill

  • Financial Institution Debit/Credit Card

  • Financial Institution Statement

If applicable, for a change of name:

  • Australian Marriage Certificate

  • Decree Nisi

  • Change of Name Certificate (Issued by an Australian Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

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