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Activating on my work PC Active Directory User

Installing Serenity on AD on-premises connected PC's

Serenity replaces the standard Windows Hello login on Windows 10 devices.

  1. If your company’s IT administrator has not set this up for you, you will need to download and install Serenity on any Windows 10 devices you use to access your company’s network

  2. To download and install Serenity click here. Please note that you may need administrator privileges depending on the setup of the device. If so, please speak to your IT Administration team

  3. Once you have completed the Serenity installation, if you have not set your PIN on your VeroCard, please go to Activating my VeroCard, otherwise go to the Login with VeroCard process.

  4. Your VeroCard can now be used with any company device where Serenity is installed.


Please note:

  • Before you complete your VeroCard activation you can still access your device using your password by clicking the Enter Password Manually link on the Serenity login screen

  • Once you have successfully completed a VeroCard login to any device, all logins from this point forward must be via the VeroCard. You will no longer have a password!

Activating my VeroCard

1. Once you have completed the Serenity installation, either print out a copy of these instructions or open them on another device so you can read them separately from the device you loaded Serenity on


2. Now, log out of Windows. You can either click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen, click the logged in user, and then click Lock, or simply press Win key +L

3. Turn on/wake up your Windows 10 device as normal and wait for the Serenity login prompt to be displayed (may need to click screen or press a key)

Ready for activation.jpg
Serenity login.jpg


4. Your device login screen will now display the VeroGuard logo to signify it is now VeroGuarded. Serenity status will display “Status: Ready to Login” if a connection to VeroGuard is available. If not Serenity will display “Status: VeroGuard Unavailable” please check your internet connection. You must have a connection to VeroGuard to complete your VeroCard activation


5. Turn on your VeroCard by pressing the button on the top left-hand edge of the card. Wait for the VeroCard to complete its boot up process (takes only a few seconds)


6. When your VeroCard is ready, Serenity will scan for any VeroCards, including yours. If found, the VeroCard number will be displayed in the dropdown box and the text “Ready for Activation” will appear. You will then be prompted to select your VeroCard from the drop-down menu. If more than one VeroCard is present, use the dropdown box to select your VeroCard and then click the arrow or press enter



7. Now it is time to activate the VeroCard


8. The VeroCard will now connect to your Windows 10 device via Bluetooth, and you will see the Bluetooth icon appear on the VeroCard


9. Serenity will now show a Status message “VeroCard Activation Required” and underneath that an “Activate” link. Click Activate to begin the process. The VeroCard will display “Activating”


10. If the VeroCard software requires an update, this will be downloaded and installed first. During the process both the VeroCard and Serenity will display progress messages. It is important to keep your PC or laptop active whilst this is happening to allow the VeroCard to use the device’s internet connection


11. Once completed, the VeroCard will restart and return to the “Ready for Vero” screen


12. Reconnect to the VeroCard if required (repeat step 4 and 5)


13. The VeroCard will now prompt you to enter your PIN

14. Enter your PIN and press the “Green Tick” to enter. Please read the article "A better PIN" here and select a PIN you can remember which is not easily guessed. The PIN length can be between a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 12 digits (ISO 9564), however we recommend you use a PIN of at least 6 digits. You will be asked to enter the PIN twice to make sure you type it in correctly

Set initial PIN.jpg


15. The VeroCard will restart to normal operation mode and display “Ready to Vero”

Ready to Vero.jpg


16. Your VeroCard is now ready to use for login. For instructions on how to login, go to:

Logging into an AD On-premises Network PC

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