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Register VeroCard as FIDO Authenticator Win11

Register your VeroCard to your "Sign in" account

This final setting requires the end user to login to their Microsoft account online and add the VeroCard as a security device to their profile.​

1. Browse to and sign-in (if not already) with your Windows Username and Password

  • NOTE: You will be required to setup at least Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication method (if you do not already have one) before you can register a FIDO2 security key.

2. Click Security Info

My Sign-Ins Security Info.jpg

3. Add a FIDO2 Security key by clicking Add method and choosing Security Key​

4. Choose USB device [NOTE – This will try both USB and Bluetooth BLE that supports VeroCard]

Adding Sign-in Method.jpg


5. Make sure your VeroCard is turned on and ready and choose Next. The browser will connect with and register the device against your account.

6. From the popup window "Choose where to save this passkey" click on Security key. Windows will then display 2 pop up messages for you to confirm - Click "Ok" on both.

7. The PC will connect to the VeroCard and a popup will say "Touch your Security Key" and as VeroGuard adds PIN verification to FIDO, the VeroCard will display "Fido2 Initialising" and promp you to "Enter PIN". Enter your PIN and press the Green Tick.

8. On success, the VeroCard will display "Authorised, and the user will be returned to the combined registration experience and asked to provide a meaningful name for the key so the user can identify each if they have multiple.
Click Next

Security Key.jpg

9. Click Done and complete the process

10. Your VeroCard is now ready to use for login. For instructions on how to login, go to:

Login to your Azure AD connect network Device Win11

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