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Changing your PIN On-premises AD user

Instead of logging on normally, you can choose to select the “Change PIN” option from the splash screen by clicking the text with your mouse and following the prompts on the card. To be able to change your PIN you must be connected to the internet and have a connection to VeroGuard, and you must know your current PIN.


Follow these steps:


1. On the log in screen of your PC, confirm that you are online and that the VeroGuard system is connected and ready ➔ check the system status line reads “Ready to login”


2. Turn on your VeroCard


3. Click “Change PIN” on the login screen


4. Your card will connect to the VeroGuard platform and will prompt you as follows:

a. “Enter Current PIN” ➔ type in your current PIN and press “

b. “Enter New PIN” ➔ type your new PIN and press “” (must meet PIN minimum requirements)

c. “Re-enter New PIN” ➔ type PIN again to confirm and press “


5. The system will now check your PIN – card will display “Please wait”


6. If successful the VeroCard will briefly display “PIN Changed” and then change to the ready state displaying “Ready to Vero”



Potential unsuccessful PIN change messages:

a. If the new PIN entry does not match the VeroCard will display “PIN mismatch please try again”

b. If the Current PIN is incorrect the VeroCard will display “Incorrect PIN…”

c. In both cases you will be taken back to step 4a


Timeout: If the process is not completed the card will time out and cancel the process with the PC.


Incorrect PIN warning: If you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times when attempting to change your PIN the card will become blocked and will not be able to be used for logging into the PC.

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